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Tsunami drill held for the most vulnerable areas

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/11/2019

Hundreds from the villages of Patangata, Siesia and Popua took part in the first district tsunami drill yesterday.

The purpose of the tsunami drill is for the residents in the areas to know what to do in times of natural disasters especially when a tsunami strikes.

An officer from the National Emergency Management Office – NEMO says, these villages were specifically chosen as they are identified the most vulnerable areas to tsunami.

Today’s program included informing the residents on the evacuation routes to follow to the safest place.

The evacuation to safe houses, includes evacuating to Sia ko Tevoloo also the LDS chapel at Fangaloto. The residents of Patangata and Siesia are advised to evacuate to the NZ High Commission’s residence.

This is the first drill program hosted by NEMO this year.


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