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Sacrifice is the key to success, say top students of 2019

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 5/12/2019

The top students from most of the Secondary schools throughout Tongatapu have urged students that sacrifice is the key to success. They highlighted this during a televised program.

The Dux of Liahona High School ‘Itanoa Vanessa Niu and Nikola Tupou Dux of ‘Apifo’ou College expressed their feelings when they were announced the top students from their schools for the academic year.

I guess I felt grateful for Heavenly Father for helping me through, for all the hard work that I had done and for what he has blessed me with what I have accomplish this year and I’m grateful for his help always.”

To be annouced the dux of ‘Apifoou college for 2019, was an honor, I had to leave my family back in NZ just to study in Apifoou after 5 years of sacrifices, Iwas very very happy.”

Viliami Tukia of Tonga College and Vanessa Niu of Liahona High School talked about the sacrifices they made throughout the year.

I had entered Tonga College last year, I had participated in sports and 2019, I had to sacrifice sports for this opportunity of becoming dux and it’s such an honor, I had to sacrifice a lot for it.”

First thing was, I had to put down the phone and also, I had to sacrifice my sleep. Usually I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to rest until everything is done and accomplished especially with my hard subjects like Calculus -I think that was the most hard subject that I took out of my years in form 7 and that was a subject that I worked really hard on and sacrifice my sleep for. I had to go through the internet to find out solutions to problems and I had to figure out usually I had to figure out for myself you can’t just rely on just the teachers, you had to do something for yourself as well as for doing research and doing further writing and all.”

Vanessa Niu also left a word of encouragement for the students.

The first one is to always have faith in our Heavenly Father because through Him, anything is possible. Do not only just rely on him but you also have to do the work yourself so meaning you need to sacrifice because you have weaknesses but we can make our weaknesses our strengths and that is only through our Heavenly Father.”

Only eight of the secondary schools in Tongatapu participated in the program.


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