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Colorful Day at Ha’atafu on Thursday

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 6/12/2019

Women in Ha’atafu showcased their finest mats and tapas yesterday proving that making handicraft can be a source of income for their families. The initiative was funded by the Australian Government and attending yesterday’s program as the guest of honor was the Australian High Commissioner H.E Adrian Morrison.

They first visited the handicrafts that they initiated, then heard a presentation from Melesila Lutolofi Weilert about the work that the women of Ha’atafu are carrying out under this Australian Aid funded project.

The Australian High Commissioner – H.E Adrian Morrison also praised the group for their work and it is a good reflection of the success of the project.

We have the privilege today I have seen the work of the Tuluta group I’m very impressed with the diversity of the directives from farming to recycling to investing an innovated response to climate change and global warming. This is not a group who waits for others to solved its problems or provide income. No, this is a group which stands up and turns when someone turns a problem into an opportunity.”

Melesila Weilert from the Fo’i Tulutaa Group says – they are grateful that the project is working because they had faced several challenges in the beginning as this project find solutions for the problem of food security and empowering women in agriculture, the success they have so far is now pushing them to continue into not just expanding the Women in Agriculture program, but the work of their women in Ha’atafu for the development of their village and people.

There are more than 200 people living in Ha’atafu.

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