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Chinese Embassy hosts welcome reception for trainees

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/12/2019

Chinese Embassy hosted a welcome reception for the Chinese training participants which are recipients from relevant Government Departments have been to China in preparing the bilateral as well as multilateral training courses in China.

The program aimed is to empower women to return to Tonga and assist other women through the knowledge and experience gained through the seminar hence and strengthening cooperation between Tonga and China.

Acting Ambassador of China to Tonga HE Yang Zhaohui talks about the bilateral training courses that carry out in China.

In addition to various multilateral training courses in 2019 we held 2 bilateral training courses one for Tonga tourism women economic capacity building and the other for Tonga tourism training and capacity building. Purpose of these courses is to strengthen related capacity building in Tonga. So far nearly 11oo Tongan government officials, professional and technical personnel, entrepreneurs and members of non-governmental organizations have been to china to participate in training courses. Training areas include administration, economics, finance, agriculture and fishery, new energy, medical care, sports and other aspects.”

Meanwhile Minister of Education and Training Hon Siaosi Sovaleni highlighted in his remarks the benefit of the assistance to the people of Tonga.

Education is one of the most important areas for the China Tonga cooperation. It has made great achievement in the past years; the Chinese government started offering scholarship to students since 2001. Since the establishment of the bilateral cooperation and relationship back in 1998, China and Tonga has been nurturing relationship base on mutual cooperation and friendship. Almost 2hundred students have benefit from this partnership and about 1hundred participant attending seminars on two areas such as tourism and building women capacity.”

These training help to make up for the shortages in Tonga own training resources and ultimately help Tonga’s economic and social development.

About 7 government ministries participated in the 21 days trainee in China.

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