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‘Amelia Helu new Honorary Consul of Finland to Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/12/2019

HRH Princess Pilolevu emphasized the importance of working together to build close relationships between Tonga and Finland.

She made the remarks during the installation ceremony of Finland’s Honorary consul to Tonga – ‘Amelia Helu on Saturday last week.

HRH Pilolevu Tuita talked about common factors that both countries have, including women working in civil societies and government institutions where she hopes partnership with Finland will help empower women in Parliament and other political areas.

I understand that your new Prime Minister is the youngest PM in the world at age 34. 0258 0309 also I understand that the coalition government, her party – All the heads are women. In Tonga, not many are in politics – outside of politics, civil service, in churches, and our community projects headed by women – are very efficient. You may have noticed that many of our honorary consuls in Tonga from other countries are women as well. “

HRH also elaborates on the Tongan proverb – “Ngaue pikipiki hama kae vaevae manava” of promoting partnership between the two countries.

What the proverb means we must work together for a common purpose. promote – bring good to Tonga as well as Finland.”

‘Amelia Helu was appointed Honorary Consul of Finland to the Kingdom of Tonga on August 12th 2019 based on various criteria especially with her Diplomatic experience, graduate educational backgrounds and commercial experiences.

Also attending the program was Ambassador Lars Backstrom of Finland who was in Tonga to fulfil official duties from the Finland Government including official installing of the new Honorary Consul and opening of her Office in Nuku’alofa.


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