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Fireworks in the middle of the night causing concern

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 19/12/2019

The Ministry of Police has recorded various complains from the public especially from elderlies from fireworks used especially during the night.

Most of the people are experiencing similar problem but the town officer of Neiafu, Vāvā Lapota says, he’s been receiving many complain about fireworks in Neiafu.

Some elderlies were seeking his help as they have health problems and some of their infants are affected as well from the noise.

He adds it’s understood Tonga is currently celebrating its festive season, however the people with fireworks should be cautious of the environment.

A spokesperson for Police says, they are working closely with related stakeholders to amend the law regarding fireworks.

Spokesperson adds, lighting fireworks at public places is prohibited and members of the public are welcome to file a complaint about loudness after 10 in the evening to their nearest police station.



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