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Imported pork to be banned due to spread of African swine fever

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/12/2019

Ministry of Agriculture is working closely with related stakeholders to ban all pork food products from Korea to Indonesia due to the African swine fever.

CEO of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Dr. Viliami Manu says New Zealand and Australia had advised Tonga about the African swine fever and they are looking at imposing bans on imported pork to be implemented next month.

He adds it is estimated that about 20 percent of the pigs worldwide have died from the virus.

Indonesia has become the latest Asian country to face an outbreak of African swine fever.

The virus is expected to wipe out more than half of China’s pig herd this year, according to BBC news.

The African swine Fever is harmless to humans, the disease can kill pigs within a few days, and the fatality rate can be up to 100%, according to the

World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

The biggest impact so far has been in China, but the spread of the virus across South East Asia has been worrying too.

The disease has also been detected in Mongolia, Cambodia, South Korea, North Korea, Myanmar and East Timor, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.




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