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Chinese Medical Team visiting Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 03/01/2020

Medical specialists from Shandong China are currently in the Kingdom and are working together with local doctors to provide medical assistance at Vaiola Hospital.

During their visit – the health officials are also meeting with senior officials from the Ministry of Health to discuss future cooperation and share medical knowledge and skills to help cater to the patients at the hospital.

This is not the first time for a team of Chinese medical experts to visit Tonga but for anesthesiologist – Dr. Zhang Hing, it is his first time to join such a team to visit Tonga and he says their visit has been about sharing experiences, not only for them to assist the Tongans, but they get the chance to learn first-hand about Tonga and our people.

During this trip we take some medical help and share about Chinese culture maybe there are difference between Tonga and China and we have to build the friendship we’re brothers. We also give special technique and you know China is a large population and we share our experience with Tongan doctors and during this time we also give some physical examinations especially for the normal person and we found out many Tongan people like may needed this so we try our best to give more help.”

The delegation includes officials from Shandong Health and Family Planning Commission and 6 doctors from various departments, including emergency doctors, laboratory, mental health, ultrasound doctor, eye clinic and an anaesthesiologist.

This morning they carried out a medical checkup for the more than one hundred staff of Tanoa Hotel. The team will be in the kingdom until February this year.



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