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Churches in Tonga mark the New Year with annual prayer week

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/01/2020

Many churches in Tonga are this week holding their annual prayer week to mark the beginning of the year and to hold intercession for the country as a whole and the journey for this New Year 2020.

The Ha’apai Governor – Rev. Dr. Mohenoa Puloka says this annual prayer week serves as an opportunity for these churches to pray for blessings for the nation for the year and is a good foundation for the country to begin the year dedicating the people and the nation to our Heavenly Father.

There are several themes that are being highlighted for the intercessions at each of the 10 services for the prayer week including the royal household, government, churches, families and issues that the country face such as the fight against drugs, crime, the youth of the nation, education, health and so forth.

This prayer week is an annual tradition of many churches in Tonga and is so important that even the government acknowledges these services by cutting short working hours for the week in order to allow the public servants to attend the afternoon services of the prayer week.

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