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Ministry of Infrastructure looking to amend Traffic Act

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/01/2020

The Road and Traffic Safety Unit of the Ministry of Police are currently monitoring road transportation together with Ministry of Infrastructure on the traffic act for driving and texting and the use of seat belts in Tonga.

The three lane road from the intersection at Pea to the intersection at Tofoa began its usual operations yesterday.

Police Traffic Safety Manager – Inspector Lemoto Piliu says, the aim is to provide safer opportunity for those travelling to work and school, to make it to work and school on time.

Piliu adds, they have not recorded any incidents on the road since New Year and hopes this will continue throughout the year.

Starting this evening the Road and Traffic Safety Unit of the Ministry of Police added a new three-lane road initiative which will operate at the Taufa’ahau Road lane heading Hahake and will begin at 3 to 5pm every day.

Piliu urges drivers to ensure they are not under the influence of alcohol to prevent further road accidents and tragedies.

More than 20 police are working during this period of time to ensure road safety for everyone.

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