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Prayer week not just a week of preparation but also reflection

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/01/2020

Tonga’s prayer week is not only an opportunity to pray for the journey that lies ahead in the year to come but it is also an opportunity to reflect on the year past year gathering together the family, church, and the whole nation to prepare for the rest of the year. This was the message emphasized by the head minister of the Free Constitutional Church of Tonga for Tongatapu – Rev. Penisimani Latu in an interview highlighting the importance of the prayer week, also known as the Uike Ha’amo.

Rev. Penisimani Latu says the prayer week is a tradition in Tonga passed down from our forefathers who founded and formed the nation into what it is today. Rev. Latu believes this tradition is not only important for Tongans to continue but also to value the message of the prayer week, which is to put God first to allow the Heavenly Father to guide and lead the journey for the year.

The prayer week is often compared to the time of sowing and Rev. Latu said it is important to sow something good at the beginning in order to reap a good harvest at the end and the prayer week for Tonga is the time to sow blessings for the nation to reap throughout the year.

Rev. Latu believes this is one of the traditions of this country that has helped the country remain a peaceful nation for so long and has withstood many challenges that the rest of the world struggle with.

The Free Constitutional Church of Tonga is one of many Christian churches in Tonga taking part in this annual tradition of the prayer week.

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