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Tonga High School best performing school in the 2019 TNFSC Examination

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/01/2020

Form Seven Certificate (TNFSC) Examinations with 89% pass rate.  A media statement from the Ministry of Education states, the overall pass rate for TNFSC 2019 is 68%.

The most improved school in the 2019 Tonga National Form Seven Certificate (TNFSC) Examinations was Beulah College.

A total of 656 candidates were registered for the TNSFC 2019 Examinations from 11 schools (6 schools in Tongatapu and 5 from the outer-islands), an increase from a total of 489 candidates in 2018.

Ministry of Education reports, last year’s registration of candidates was so far the highest number of enrollment since the nationalization of the TNFSC.

The enrollment trends showed that there’s a decreasing number of candidates’ opting for the Sciences, Mathematics and Commerce as compared to other subjects.

The Ministry states, these subjects are highly significant for Higher Education in universities abroad and the Ministry is concerned about this trend and encouraging students to carefully consider their chosen subjects.

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