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Arrest during Police holiday operation 2019-2020 drop compared to 2018-2019 Operation

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/01/2020

The number of arrests made by police during the Christmas and New Year Operation for 2019-2020 dropped significantly compared to the previous operation n 2018-2019

The Police annual Christmas and New Year Operation was launched on the 23rd of December 2019 until the 6th of January 2020, to reinforce effective police service throughout the Christmas and New Year period as to ensure everyone including visitors were safe and feeling safe while celebrating the festive season in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Information from police states the 14-day operation resulted in 177 arrests, a decrease from 271 arrests the previous year. 62 cases were in relation to Domestic Violence, 24 drunk driving cases (42 in previous year) with one road fatality. The road fatality for the year 2019 was 4 compared to 22 in 2018.

The road fatality occurred on the 28th of December 2019 at around 7:27 pm along Vuna Road. The victim of the road fatality is a 46-year-old man from Kolomotu’a, Tausinga Taumoefolau.

The accused, a 31-year-old-man from Pahu was arrested by police from his vehicle couple meters away from the scene of the accident; he has been charged with reckless drunk driving causing death and is still under police custody. The body of the deceased was released to the family yesterday Wednesday 15th of January.

Police were also on standby during Tropical Cyclone Sarai and were deployed to assist and help with clearance of roads and putting up temporary roofs at some of the houses at Ha’ateiho that were damaged after a tornado hit the village early morning on Monday 30th December 2019.

The recorded Criminal Offences decreased by 19% in 2018/19 (116 down to 94) and by 39% in 2019/20 (94 down to 57).

The overall drop in Criminal Offences was due to the decrease in the three prevalent offences of common assault, theft and housebreaking.

Deputy Commissioner Vaisuai acknowledged the commitment of police staff who worked throughout the holidays to ensure peace and public safety was maintained. She also acknowledged and thanked members of the public for timely sharing of information and their valued support to the Tonga Police.

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