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Three new pack houses to help improve export of local produce

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/01/2020

The ministry of Agriculture is hopeful three new pack houses expected to be built soon will help with the storage of local produce in preparation for export overseas. These pack houses will be constructed with funding from the Australian government and will be worth 1.3 million pa’anga in total.

The Agriculture CEO – Dr Viliami Manu says the project will improve the quality of the local produce exported abroad with better hygienic and safer storage before it is exported.

Manu says, local produce packed at these pack house, will no longer need to go through quarantine and can be exported directly to the markets overseas.

He says they are facing challenges in the trade sector, as they struggle to meet the demands of the overseas markets and so they are looking forward for when these pack houses will be finished and they can look to improve the export of local produce.

However, with the PACER PLUS being ratified by Tonga, taxes imposed on containers with local produce from Tonga will be lifted. Not only that, but more local produce will be exported overseas from the usual cassava and yam to include taro, kumara, watermelon, amongst others.

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