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Government to finish reconstruction before schools start for this year

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/01/2020

The Finance Minister Hon. Tevita Lavemaau says the construction project of damaged schools from Gita is in five packages.

The first package is for the schools that were badly affected when Gita made landfall in 2018, namely GPS Fasi, Navutoka and Vaini. These schools were still using tents as classrooms in 2019.

The constructions of the new classrooms for these schools started late last year and Hon. Minister says, the government targets to complete all constructions before students resume studies for the new academic year.

The second package is re-building damaged classrooms for GPS Kahoua, ‘Apifo’ou college, Beulah College and GPS Ha’amonga.

The work for ‘Apifo’ou college and Kahoua have commenced while Beulah and Ha’amonga had to fulfill other requirements needed by the donor.

The third package will include construction work towards GPS Taoa, Feletoa, ‘Ohonua and Hofangahau College.

Minister says, contracts have been signed and the work will be implemented soon.

The forth package includes building of classrooms for GPS Hoi, Fahefa, Talafo’ou and GPS Matahau, Tapunisiliva and Mo’unga’olive.

The last package is the renovation of classrooms that sustained minor damage from Gita such as Lavengamalie College, Beulah and to name a few.

The project is at a cost of 20 million pa’anga funded by World Bank.

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