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TC Tino affects agriculture and infrastructure in northern island groups

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/01/2020

After Tropical Cyclone Tino arrived in Tonga intensifying into a category 3, its strong winds and heavy rain caused damage to much of the infrastructure and agriculture sector in the island groups to the North.

From the islands of Vava’u, the town officer of Neiafu Vava Lapota says, the related stakeholders started their assessment on the damage from TC Tino earlier today, after the cancellation of the cyclone alert to Tonga yesterday afternoon.

Lapota says, damage from Tino was mostly on the island’s main infrastructure such as the wharfs for the small fishing boats especially in ‘Otea, Falevai, Matamaka and Ovaka.

Another major damage recorded was in the agricultural sector especially the fruit trees.

Town officer of Neiafu also reports the water supply in Mataika was disrupted due to strong winds from TC Tino.

Due to strong winds, some houses also experienced power outage for a while, as trees were falling on the main power lines.

Similar damage was reported from the island of Niuafo’ou and the Government representative Bob Taylor Tonga says some houses sustained minor damage from the gale force winds from Tino and they are yet to receive assistance.

He adds they started clearing up the roads as fruit trees have fallen on the main roads.

From the island of Niuatoputapu, Radio and Television Tonga’s stringer on the island Louina Pongi says the major damage was on the agricultural sector and its coastal areas however they are grateful as no deaths were recorded nor injuries from TC Tino.

Meanwhile the Government representative of ‘Eua Sunia Havea says no damage was recorded from TC Tino over the weekend. Some people sought shelter to the evacuations centers and they are well as of this morning.

About 10 percent of the islands agricultural sector was damaged especially fruit trees.

The Government and the related stakeholders are currently assessing the damage throughout Tonga from TC Tino.




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