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PM’s meeting with the people of Vava’u a success

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/01/2020

The Prime Minister Hon. Dr Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa says his first official meeting with the people of Vava’u yesterday afternoon was a success.

The meeting was about five hours long and members of the public were given the opportunity to raise their concerns.

During the meeting, PM says some were concerned about the quality of the road maintenance project and they are working to ensure that it provides the best quality for the people.

He adds as part of the government’s development work they are looking at installing a water tank at each house and to ensure that people are no longer using pit toilets.

The Prime Minister is currently on the island of Vava’u together with Cabinet Ministers to assess damage from TC Tino.

Impacts of Tino includes major damage on the wharfs in the outer islands hampering transportation to the main island especially from Ovaka.

During their tour to the small islands yesterday, they’ve discovered damage on the hospital, power lines and water distribution.

Accompanying the PM was the Minister of Agriculture Lord Tu’ilakepa, Finance Minister Hon. Tevita Lavemaau, and Minister for Infrastructure Hon. Akosita Lavulavu ‘AkositaLavulavuand Minister of MEIDECC Hon. Poasi Tei.

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