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Staff of Customs Department mark World Customs Day

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/01/2020

The ministry of Revenue and Customs Department is looking to build closer working relations with related partners but most importantly the public to achieve their mission of ensuring the safety of our borders from illegal items especially the threat of drugs being smuggled into the country. This was the message from the CEO of the ministry – Kelemete Vahe as the ministry marked World Customs Day yesterday.

CEO of Ministry of Revenue and Customs Kelemete Vahe says – more cooperation is needed from the public and related stakeholders in the fight against drugs and for the public to be more alert of the harmful effect drugs have on people.

Kelemete adds, the Ministry has come up with an initiative known as a whistleblower Policy – where a toll free line is available for any reports regarding drugs.

Vahe emphasized the importance of partnership with the people as they are the ones who know most about those involved with the importation of illegal substances into the country.

One of the important work the Ministry is carrying out is to reduce the barriers for trade as Tonga is among countries to ratify regional agreement for trade – PACER PLUS.

The Ministry of Police, Fisheries also His Majesty’s Armed Forces are working hand-in-hand to ensure border security for everyone.

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