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Civil Society opens Traditional Knowledge Fair for youths

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/01/2020

The Civil Society of Tonga this morning opened a three-day Traditional Knowledge Fair, with the theme weaving our traditional knowledge into development to ensure a secure and sustainable future for Tonga.

This program was aimed at the youths particularly those vulnerable to social and other problems.

The Guest of Honor at the opening program was Lady Tuna Fielakepa who highlighted the importance of our culture and traditional knowledge that shapes the lives of our people as this is how the youth’s attitude and behavior is molded. Lady Tuna Fielakepa says the youths of today have begun to lose touch with the Tongan culture and traditional knowledge and it is reflected in their rude behavior and disrespectful attitudes.

She also emphasized the importance of our culture and traditional knowledge in carrying out duties and obligations at different events whether in the family, church, or national events, and traditional materials can also be used to generate income, such as selling handicrafts and others.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Civil Society Forum of Tonga – Drew Havea hopes this program will provide a good opportunity for the youths to learn and understand more about our traditional knowledge and skills and ways it can be tailored for society today instead of relying on foreign technological development that is easily mistaken as the standard for “developed” status.

After the opening program, the youth groups were divided into groups to attend 3 different areas of study on traditional knowledge namely, agriculture, fisheries, and a display of Tongan fine mats and the background of the protocols for the use of these Tongan “koloa”.

The program will end on Friday.

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