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Road maintenance – main issue for Niuafo’ou

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 31/01/2020

The Prime Minister is this week wrapping up his national tour of all the island groups following Tropical Cyclone Tino, with a visit to the two Niuas today and tomorrow.

This afternoon the PM and his delegation arrived in Niuafo’ou and spent the afternoon visiting areas affected in TC Tino as well as meeting with the locals to listen to the issues they raise.

The Niuafo’ou Government Representative – Bob Taylor Tonga says one of the most urgent needs of the Niuafo’ou people is the fixing of their roads under the governments road maintenance assistance project.

As Niuafo’ou is isolated from the main island, their daily routine consists of fishing, handicraft making, and going to their plantations to harvest crops for food. Tonga reports the state of the roads on the island make their plantations difficult to reach by vehicle and says if the roads were fixed they would have better and easier access to their plantations, one of their few sources of food.

The main wharf on the island also suffered quite some damaged in TC Tino cutting off access to the island by boat, which has greatly affected the island. These are some of the issues Tonga says the locals of Niuafo’ou are hoping will be addressed by the PM and government after today’s visit and meeting with the locals.

Following the visit to Niuafo’ou the PM and delegation will return to Vava’u for tonight before visiting Niuatoputapu tomorrow.

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