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FAO donates tools for growers in Pukotala

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/02/2020

The UN’s Food and Agriculture organization for Food and Agriculture donated tools for growers in Pukotala aiming to help with their daily work as most of the locals on the island heavily rely on the agricultural for income.

The town officer of Pukotala – Ueini Pousima says the aim of the assistance from FAO is to empower the growers and the people of Pukotala.

He adds that the people of Pukotala are delighted with the assistance as this has been one of the great need from the people and they are really grateful for the assistance.

The assistance included, 22 Wheel Barrows, 20 Spades, Barbed Wires, Netting Rolls, Floor Mesh, 20 Machetes 20 Shovels, Chainsaw, Water hoses + fittings, Pigs and Pig Feeds Nursery shades and 200 Bricks.

Pukotala has more than 80 residents.

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