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Local shop charged with $600 for failing to comply with Tobacco regulation

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/02/2020

The Tabacco Unit of the Ministry of Health charged a retail shop $600 pa’anga yesterday, for breaking the laws on selling tobacco.

The Tobacco officer from the Ministry of Health – Le’omolotu Havea says the retail shop was charged this fine due to the store not following the regulations for selling tobacco. Havea says the law requires the retail sale of Tobacco to have each store post stickers or posters of warnings against smoking.

The stickers are worth $200 pa’anga each and both must be used, one warning that “smoking kills” and the other highlighting the legal age to buy tobacco – “No person may sell any tobacco product to a person under the age of 18.”

If a store is found to be selling tobacco without setting up these two stickers they will be charged two thousand pa’anga.

Havea also told Radio and Television Tonga News this morning the Tabacco Unit of the Ministry of Health will move this year to work closely within the kavatonga clubhouses and churches to emphasize the message of the negative impacts of smoking tobacco

Meanwhile Ministry of Health still continue to assess businesses and retail shops that are violating the law for selling tobacco.

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