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Public to provide accurate data, says Government Statistician

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/02/2020

The Government Statistician hopes to collect better and accurate information from the people as it will help with the development program to the rural areas.

Dr Viliami Fifita says the program aims to help the people especially with the student’s research and assignments that requires statistical information and therefore, they must provide the most updated and accurate information.

Dr. Fifita adds, they have received requests from town and district officers regarding projects for their respective villages according to the data received from the Statistics Department.

Dr. Fifita hopes they will be able to work together with the public for future reference.

A survey will be conducted next year and the Statistics Department is looking at finalizing data collected for this year in preparation for next year’s census.

A program was carried out in Houma this afternoon to distribute information based on surveys carried out by the department since 2016.

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