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Ministry of Trade to remove all expired goods from shops

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/02/2020

The Consumer Affairs Division of the Ministry of Trade & Economic Development has started working on removing expired goods from the stores throughout Tonga.

This was after they received complaints from the public regarding expired goods that are still sold from the stores.

Mele Fonua from the Consumer Division says – they are concerned because there have been health issues due to consumption of expired goods and they are working with the Food Division of the Ministry of Agriculture to address the issue.

Among the goods that are being removed includes some of the imported Colgate brand toothpaste, body-wash products, among others.

With the work carried out by the Consumer Division, they are hoping to remove expired can food products such as tin fish that have non-English information on them.

The Consumer Division also hopes people will be more cautious with what they buy from the stores to ensure they are not expired.

They are also warning stores who are still buying expired goods to be aware they could be fined for breaching consumer rights act.

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