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MIA signs seven grant agreements with women’s development groups

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/02/2020

The Ministry of Internal Affairs signed seven grant agreements yesterday for development programs in the communities specifically for women and youths.

The CEO of the ministry Dr Fotu Fisi’iahi says, the grants aim to financially support women with their daily development programs in the communities.

He adds most of the women in the rural areas are struggling to manage their families as for many of these women, their husbands are away most of the time working abroad under the seasonal worker’s program.

The Ministry hopes these grants will help with women’s daily work from home as they work in the communities with other women and young people in the making of tapa and mats to generate income to cater for the needs of their families.

One of the groups on the receiving end of these grants was the youth development group from ‘Alaki, represented yesterday by Sr. Kalolaine Sikimeti who said they are working with unemployed youths to plant Tongan kava and sell it overseas and the income will benefit the youths.

The program was on hold late last year, as the Ministry had to confirm the funds allocated are used appropriately with the conditions applied.

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