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TBC marks World Radio Day with a talk-back show

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/02/2020

The Tonga Broadcasting Commission this morning marked World Radio Day with a talkback show regarding the significance of the radio for the people in the country.

The talkback show was an opportunity for the public to talk about the important value of the radio in their daily lives where Kitione Vaioleti of Kolovai says, radio reminds him of the time when Her Majesty, late Queen Salote III issued tsunami warnings via speakers and for people to evacuate to higher grounds – before radios even existed in Tonga.

The Prime Minister in his remarks during a combined prayer service this afternoon with the public servants reminded the public to appreciate the significant work carried out by radio announcers and journalists in bringing the latest news from around the world, regionally and locally.

Meanwhile, Radio and Television Tonga news took to Nuku’alofa where ‘Ana Sika from the Nuku’alofa district, Tu’ineau Tupou from Lavengatonga and ‘Amelia Pasa from Fasi moe Afi says the radio is very important as it helps them prepare in times of a natural disaster especially cyclones, also helps them know about important ceremonies in the country that is only broadcasted live via the radio and they can listen to the radio from the comfort of their own homes to other important occasions and issues happening in the world.

One of the purpose the Tonga Broadcasting Commission was established was to assist the public in times of a natural disaster or emergency such as cyclones and tsunami – and to stay up to date with the latest weather update.

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