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Police minister urges closer cooperation with Tongatapu 3 in the fight against drugs

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/02/2020

The Police Minister Lord Nuku urged the constituents of Tt3 to cooperate with Tonga Police by providing information that can help in the fight against drugs as statistics show that most of the drugs seized by police are from this constituency.

During the PM’s visit with Cabinet Ministers to Tt3 yesterday, senior Police officer Ashley Fua talked about the drugs related crimes.

Superintendent of Police Fua says, since the establishment of the Drug Taskforce in 2018, Police had arrested more than 400 people for drug related crimes and majority of the arrests were at Tt3.

The amount of cash seized is now more than $70 thousand pa’anga and Fua says with the information collected, it shows drugs in Tonga is on the rise.

The most illicit drugs seized since April 2018 is Methamphetamine and second is cannabis.

He adds during his special talk yesterday, that more than 40 kilos of meth have been seized by Police.

Ashley Fua adds, the information is for the people to be more aware of their surroundings and he also noticed the active participation from the community police which has helped significantly with providing Police officers relevant information for their operation in the fight against drugs.

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