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Free lunch for Ha’alalo GPS emphasize healthy eating & lifestyle

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/02/2020

The students of Ha’alalo Government Primary School were taught an important lesson today, but not inside the classroom. A family in Ha’alalo provided lunch for the students of the school today spreading the message of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.

Tuaileva Tu’iasoa and his family began this project of providing free meals for the students of the Ha’alalo Government Primary School, back in 2018 saying being well-fed was important for the students learning, as it would keep them alert and more active in the classroom.

This morning Tui’asoa provided a free lunch for the school emphasizing the importance of healthy meals for growing children in order to ensure they are physically, and mentally fit for school.

Tu’iasoa says the biggest improvement he’s seen as a result of his project is that for the first time in a long time, a student from the Ha’alalo GPS Class 6 Level, passed the entrance exam for class 6 and made it into Tonga High School in 2018. Then last year, 2 students made it into Tonga High School, and Tui’asoa is hopeful that they will be able to see this number continue to climb this year and for years to come as he pledges to continue this project in future.

Class 6 students at the school – Angeline ‘Anitoni and Halieta Kaufusi told Radio & Television Tonga News they were very grateful to Tui’asoa and his family for this project and said the project is working because they are definitely more excited and more active on the days they know they will be having a free meal at school.

There are about 160 students studying at Ha’alalo GPS and will benefit from this project once a month for the whole year.

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