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Tongatapu 1 constituents dissatisfied with Police operations

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/02/2020

There was concern from persons living with disabilities in Tongatapu Constituency 1 about the lack of results from Police investigations of sexual abuse cases particularly cases against persons living with disabilities, as about 50 constituents gathered to meet the Prime Minister yesterday.

During the Prime Minister’s meeting with constituents of Tongatapu 1 yesterday – a visually impaired woman urged the Prime Minister and his government to do more to ensure the safety and protection of rights of persons living with disabilities. This woman claimed she had gone to police after she had suffered abuse, not once but twice, and both times police came back with nothing, saying they were unable to do anything due to a lack of evidence and eye-witnesses.

Another raised from the constituents was concern for the safety of the villagers of Sopu as the end of Vuna Road in Sopu is an area popular for people to drink at, and so it attracts a lot of drunkards and rowdy youths who sometimes cause problems at the area due to their disturbing the peace.

The Police Minister – Lord Nuku responded to both these issues, advising the visually impaired woman to again file a report to the Police to conduct further investigation, and said that for Sopu, Police are unable to consistently patrol the area due to their limited capacity but he encouraged the locals to continue reporting these issues to Police so that they can work on it.

Another constituent also requested that government provide details of the funds for the road maintenance project and the Finance Minister – Tevita Lavemaau says 10 million pa’anga has already been allocated for the project and recently cabinet approved another 18 million pa’anga towards the project to fund the machinery and equipment needed for the project completion within two – four months.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister – Dr. Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa, explained that the visit to the constituency was to encourage further cooperation with the people and to raise issues that the people wanted government to improve.

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