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Tongatapu 2 concerned for safety of neighborhoods at nighttime

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/02/2020

The main concerns raised by Tongatapu 2 constituents in their meeting with the Prime Minister yesterday, were the need for better water supply and for the installation of streetlights for the back roads in the constituency.

Concerned constituents said there was need for water tanks to store water as they often experienced problems with the underground water supply distributed in the constituency. Streetlights for the back roads were also requested to ease the constituents travel on these roads at night time.

The Chief Secretary and Secretary to Cabinet – Edgar Cocker responded saying they would work on addressing these issues.

There was also concern with the safety of the neighborhoods at night time, with one constituent proposing government set up CCTV cameras in the streets, and also establish a commission against corruption.

The Prime Minister responded to this saying he understood the concern for this issue and that government is working on establishing this commission to combat corruption in the country.

A local of the village of Fanga ‘o Pilolevu then requested that the village have their own town officer to which the Minister for Internal Affairs who oversees the local government – Vatau Hui responded saying this can be arranged, but further work will have to be carried out to finalise this.

And the fight against drugs was also brought up, with police being urged to be vigilant and to do more to stop the importation of drugs. The Police Minister – Lord Nuku responded that Police were doing their very best and were strengthening cooperation with related stakeholders on this issue, particularly at the borders.

There were about 80 constituents of Tongatapu 2 who attended this meeting with the Prime Minister at the FWC Fanga Hall.

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