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Tonga Skills training continues with projects to the outer islands

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/02/2020

Tonga Skills last week carried out various programs in Tongatapu and the outer islands aiming to provide more opportunities for people to make a living from with skills training.

One of the programs they carried out was the repair and handling of sowing machines in which 25 women from Ha’ateiho participated in a 5-day program last week.

This training was led by Mafile’o Vakasiuola who said the program was important in helping women reduce the costs of buying a new sowing machine as the training was able to show them how to repair their current sowing machines.

Vakasiuola said, the women were excited to know they could repair their own sowing machine and continue to teach others the same skill.

The training included a woman with a disability – a member of the Alonga Centre at Tofoa who was eager to learn and participate fully in the program as she knows it will improve her skills and economic growth potential.

The training was divided into 3 sections with instructions from Vakasiuola.

The program was funded by the Australian government through Tonga Skills.

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