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Water, Education, and Rising Sea Levels, issues raised by Tongatapu 5 constituents with PM

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/02/2020

The constituents of TTP 5 last week raised 3 main issues for the government to address including their water supply system, the age for students moving to class 1 from pre-school and the need for a seawall in ‘Ahau.

The issue for the water supply system was raised by the district officer of TTP5 – Sione Manumanu, urgently requesting the government to install a separate water pump system in each village as two to three villages are currently using the same water pump system.

The Minister for MEIDECC – Hon. Poasi Tei responded, the government are looking into addressing the issue.

Moeaki Lakepa then raised the issue regarding the rightful age for students entering class 1 if students age 4 who will be turning 5 in May or June of that year would be allowed to enter class 1 that year and not the following year – to which the Minister of Education – Siaosi Sovaleni responded, they will look into the current law regarding the issue.

The other important issue raised was the need to include ‘Ahau in the seawall project of the government as people of ‘Ahau faced challenges with water coming in to the village. Minister for MEIDECC – Poasi Tei responded, they will expand the seawall project to begin from Sopu ‘o Taufa’ahau to the villages in ‘Ahau.

More than 100 people attended last week’s meeting with the Prime Minister at the Fatufatu Fala ‘i Fale Lalava hall at Kolovai.

There are more than 7thousand people living in 16 villages in TTP constituency 5.

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