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Quality of Petrol and LPG need to be monitored regularly

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 25/02/2020

The minister for Trade and Economic Development says there is a need for the ministry to tighten regulations around the sale of petroleum and gas in Tonga as at moment the standard or quality of the petrol and gas being sold to the public, cannot be assessed/measured.

In an interview with the minister last week, Samiu Vaipulu explains the measure of the quality of petrol and gas in Tonga was one of the issues raised at a meeting held in New Zealand last week.

The minister says Tonga is far behind in taking action to address this issue and is one of the things the ministry will be looking to fix as soon as possible.

Vaipulu said with the sale of petrol and gas in Tonga now, the consumers can be receiving varying qualities of petrol or gas for a standard price set by the Competent Authority and this means consumers can be receiving petrol that is of lesser quality than they are paying for and this is due the fact that Tonga does not have the means to measure the standard or the quality of the petrol and gas.

The minister says this is something they will be working on but will also mean looking at the legal aspect of the issue to ensure that the rights of the consumers are not being violated.

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