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JNAP2 monitoring and evaluation workshop conducted by MEIDECC

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/02/2020

The Ministry of MEIDECC today held a workshop with line ministries on monitoring and evaluation of the Joint National Action Plan 2 or JNAP2.

CEO of MEIDECC – Paula Ma’u says, discussions of the program will look into feedbacks from participants into areas that needs focus on in times of a natural disaster and how they can be more prepared for disasters in the future.

The major goal of the workshop is to monitor the quality of reporting from the Target Area Focal Points in terms of stakeholder engagement and content scope and accuracy.

Ma’u hopes participants will be able to input ideas based on damages from recent cyclones such as Gita, Sarai & Tino and what they can do to help the public better prepare before, during and after a natural disaster such as a cyclone in the future.

The CEO also emphasized the importance of staying prepared for a natural disaster particularly a tropical cyclone as Tonga is still in cyclone season right now.

The workshop is conducted by the Climate Change Department of the Ministry in partnership with the National Emergency Management Office – NEMO.

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