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TYP launch high school debates encouraging youth in politics

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/02/2020

The reef of today is the island of tomorrow – a Tongan proverb – ko e hakau ‘o e ‘aho ni ‘e hoko ko e motu ‘apongipongi – that was the main message from the students of ‘Apifo’ou College during their debate this morning organised by the Legislative Assembly Office Education Unit in an effort to emphasize the importance of youth involvement in politics.

The Form 6 students in the debate for the affirmative argued that youth needed to step up and take action and shape the country they want for the future.

Students arguing the negative countered leading the nation was a job for the mature, qualified, and wise, and according to the Tongan proverb “To’ukai mo hono Lohu” there is a season for everything.

This program is part of the vision of the Lord Speaker of Parliament and the working committee to encourage the youth of the nation to get involved in the political discussions so their voice can be heard by the leaders. In addition to that it will help train the youths to make better decisions in the future that will only benefit them.

The debate today at ‘Apifo’ou College is only the beginning with similar programs including an art competition organized for 5 other high schools in Tongatapu and there will also be prizes awarding for the winning schools.

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