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Athletes grateful for assistance to get them back home

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/02/2020

The Tongan athletes still in self-isolation in the UK are eagerly awaiting the end of their 14 days’ quarantine period so they can return home, but not before they take a tour of the British capital.

In videos from the sports teams’ hotels, the athletes and officials alike appear to be in good spirits as they express their gratitude for those who helped arrange their evacuation from China, their care in the UK, and their very-eagerly awaited return home next week.

These athletes are part of 4 sports teams that were receiving training in China when the coronavirus outbreak was declared and many of the usual routes for return to Tonga began to shut down. However, the Tongan government reached out to foreign nations for assistance in the return of the sports team, with the UK finally accepting the government’s request to have the 51 strong sports teams enter and spend their 14-day quarantine period in London.

The teams are expected to return in 2 groups with the first group leaving the UK on March 3rd and the second on March 5th.

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