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TYP High School debates whether youth should be involved in politics

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 3/03/2020

The Legislative Assembly Office Education Unit and the Tonga Youth Parliament continued their high school debate programs this morning at Tonga High School, on the same theme – should youth be involved in political discussions.

This is one of the missions of the Lord Speaker of Parliament and the Tonga Youth Parliament – to encourage the youth of today to get involved in political discussions and have their voices heard by the leaders.

This morning’s debate at Tonga High School saw for the first time after 5 high school debates, the affirmative argument won, with Tonga High School supporting that YES youth should be involved in political discussions and that it was very important that they are involved.

The school principal – ‘Oketi ‘Akauola says this program was a good initiative for the students to be able to practice their debate skill while at the same time learning new things about politics and will continue to remind the students of the importance of their voice being heard.

One of the debate team members for the affirmative – Form 7 student – Hopoi Fine’anganofo, said they enjoyed learning new things in preparation for the debate and also learning from the opposing team in some of their arguments. Fine’anganofo believes this was a good way to attract the interest of the students and they are hopeful that this will continue to grow with more successful program in future, and further down along the line result in successful politicians leading the nation.

These debate programs had begun at Apifo’ou College and has also been conducted in other schools including Liahona High School, Tupou College, and others, and will conclude tomorrow at Tailulu College.

These programs are all part of preparations for the Tonga Youth Parliament sessions later this month.

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