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Government concerned with rise in youth unemployment and school dropouts

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/03/2020

The Government is concerned with the rise in number of youth unemployment in Tonga especially with students who have successfully completed high school and tertiary level.

This was one of the issues raised by the SET program of the Internal Affairs Ministry in partnership with the Ministry of Education funded by the World Bank.

Lu’isa Manuofetoa from the Ministry of Internal Affairs says, the 13 million pa’anga project aims to empower young teenagers to complete their high school years and prepare them to continue their studies in the tertiary level and to find the best jobs available locally and abroad however, the concern is with youth unemployment in Tonga on the rise.

Issues raised from the survey include, high rate of school dropout in Tonga citing reasons such as financial constraints, losing interest in completing high school years and lack of support from home towards students.

However, Lu’isa hopes the SET project will be able to address the issue.

Meanwhile, deputy CEO of the Ministry of Education – Manu ‘Akauola says, he believes that one of the ways to address the issue is for these students to divert to technical study.

She adds, about 20 percent of students are unemployed and they are working on addressing the issue on this project which will run for 5 years.

The program began yesterday with 5 teams from both Ministries carrying out survey to families in Hahake including Niutoua, Afa and Kolonga to identify people living in hardship and people who urgently need Government’s financial assistance.

The project will end in 2023.

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