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Alaisia – Alaikolonga: Theme for Royal Agricultural Show 2020

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/03/2020

The Ministry of Agriculture has announced the theme for this year’s Royal Agricultural Show is “Alaisia – Alaikolonga” highlighting the significance for growers to be more prepared to withstand the different challenges in the changing seasons. Alaisia – Alaikolonga is a Tongan phrase that refers to someone who multi-skilled in different fields

CEO of Agriculture Dr. Viliami Manu says, the theme for this year is to remind local growers of Tonga’s vulnerability to natural disasters such as cyclones and drought and also the struggle with seeking suitable markets to export the local produce to.

CEO says, the theme is to remind the growers the significance of multiple cropping as a way to address the impacts of climate change and to ensure food security.

Meanwhile the program for this year’s Royal Agricultural show, has been confirmed, as mentioned before it will start from the island of ‘Eua on the 20th of June, following the FWC annual church conference.

It will continue to the island of Vava’u on the 24th of July, Niuatoputapu will on the 28th of July while Niuafo’ou on the 30th.The island of Ha’apai will celebrate their annual show on the 4th of August and this year’s royal agricultural show will conclude on the 8th of August in Tongatapu.

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