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Fanga’uta Lagoon Bridge expected to begin construction in 2021

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/03/2020

The 55 million USD project funded by the Asian Development Bank, prioritizes the improvement of transport infrastructure to cope with increased traffic demand.

Press statement from MOI reports technical investigation surveys, community consultations and concept deigns is currently underway until next month.

The government is engaging with the Japanese company Chodai to design the bridge.

Community consultations were conducted in the villages of Folaha, Longoteme, Vaini, ‘Umusi and Ma’ufanga last month in partnership with Civil Society.

Consultations were immediately followed by household surveys of 65 households to better understand the socioeconomic impacts of the proposed bridge crossing and its approach road.

With the current population trend increasing the proposed new road bridge which will link Nuku’alofa with the southern side of Fanga’uta Lagoon will ease traffic congestion to the southern and eastern sides of Tongatapu and the airport and also will provide an alternative evacuation route in times of natural disaster.

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