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Inter-collegiate sports competition postpones

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/03/2020

The inter-collegiate sports competition expected to be held next month has been moved to November due to coronavirus.

This was confirmed to Radio Tonga news this morning by the chairman of the secondary schools’ sports committee.

Rev. Tungua Tu’akoi says, the committee has agreed to postpone the competition to November if Tonga.

However, if there will be a confirmed case during this period, the chairman says the annual competition will be cancelled until next year.

Meanwhile, the sports competition for all Primary Schools scheduled for the first week of next month has also been cancelled.

Other programs have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, including the graduation of the University of the South Pacific scheduled for this week, where many Tongan students are part of.

The university’s mid-semester test has also been cancelled.

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