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TYP 2020 deliberate on establishing a youth council in the constituencies

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 19/03/2020

The Whole House Committee of the TYP 2020 has voted to establish a youth council in each of the 17 constituencies with 27 in favor.

The issue was raised by Ha’apai Nobles’ Representative No. 1, Uikilifi Taumoe’anga highlighting the youth councils in the constituencies will enable youths to communicate with their representatives to Parliament. She adds the councils will be a platform to address the issues affecting the daily lives of youths in Tonga.

Taumoe’anga says there are many social problems faced by young adults in Tonga such as drugs and school brawls, and if the motion is approved it will ensure the young adults in the communities will be involved in discussions on possible solutions.

The Deliberation continued this afternoon and will end tomorrow.

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