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Volunteers go through training before assisting at Ministry of Health

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/03/2020

The Ministry of Health yesterday held a training for the civil servants under the Public Service Commission who volunteered to assist the Ministry of Health in their operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Public Health officials hosted the training for the volunteers to prepare them for the ministry of health operations that they will be assisting with during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Head of the Public Health Division – Dr Reynold ‘Ofanoa thanked the volunteers for their bravery and willingness to help the ministry at this critical time.

Dr. Joseph Takai said the volunteers will not be working directly with infected cases but will be covering other aspects of the operation which are important but pose less risk for the volunteers.

More than 40 civil servants took part in the training volunteering to help the ministry of health fight the coronavirus if it arrives in Tonga.

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