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Workplaces around Tonga make changes for COVID-19 restrictions

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/03/2020

One of the essential services ministries – the Ministry of Revenue and Customs – which oversees the income of goods at our borders along with the collection of tax – have begun implementing changes to their operation in order to continue their services for the people throughout the restrictions ordered by government due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The CEO of the Ministry of Revenue and Customs – Kelemete Vahe says they have discussed the issues surrounding their operation during this pandemic and said there are no major changes to the ministry’s operation with the customs department still operating to accommodate the arrival of cargo ships and oil tankers that deliver essential goods for the country.

Vahe says they’ve also made a few changes and set up some rules for their reception area to ensure their customers adhere to directions from the ministry of health, including social distancing – keeping about 1-2 meters clear from others, and for no more than 20 people gathered indoors.

The CEO also urged people to consider their needs from the ministry if it can be delayed or if it can be complete online, to do so, as advised by the ministry the safest prevention method at the moment is staying home and limiting physical interaction with others.

The ministry are also prepared to take stricter measures if need be once there are confirmed cases in the country, but at the moment the CEO says they are doing their best to ensure that their operations are not disrupted due to COVID-19 while protecting their customers and staff at the same time.

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