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Most vulnerable people to receive funds from Government

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 2/04/2020

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has offered monetary assistance of $250 each for those who are the most vulnerable in the society especially the elderly and those living with disabilities.

In a televised program yesterday, the Minister for Internal Affairs – Vatau Hui said the special assistance is provided because these people are the most vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19.

Vatau hopes caregivers would be able to spend and use the money wisely to cater for the needs of the elderlies and people living with disabilities.

Meanwhile, Lu’isa Manuofetoa from the Disability & Social Protection Division of the Ministry says, an additional $100 pa’anga is given the elderly and those living with disabilities with their usual salary of March and April paid to them in advance. This means, they will receive their next salary of May in June and Manuofetoa urges them to use the assistance given wisely.

The assistance has been offered to the banks in Tonga including MBF, ANZ, Bank of the South Pacific (BSP) and Tonga Development Bank. People living with disabilities and elderlies in Tonga will benefit from this assistance, including those in the outer islands.

The assistance is funded by WORLD BANK through their Skills and Employment Training – SET project under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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