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Financial aid for Tongan studies abroad

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 2/04/2020

The government had announced financial aid for the Tongan students studying abroad during this COVID-19 pandemic and yesterday, the Tongan students studying in Fiji were the first of the Tongan students abroad to receive this assistance from government.

The privately-funded Tongan students in Fiji were the first to receive their assistance from government yesterday with the funds being handled by the Executive Committee of ‘Api Tonga. The chair of the committee – Kisione Finau says there are about 200 privately funded students in Fiji and they were able to distribute the assistance to most of them yesterday with only a handful of students left.

Finau says the government had tasked them with the distribution of the funds for the private students with 400 pa’anga promised for each students.

However, the ‘Api Tonga committee decided in order to get this assistance to the students as soon as possible, they would distribute the said amount to the students, drawing from ‘Api Tonga funds and will return ‘Api Tonga’s funds when the government’s donation arrives. Finau said the conversion of the Tongan pa’anga yesterday saw the students receive approximately 360 Fijian Dollars.

For students under scholarship from the Tongan government, they are expected to receive their money in their individual bank accounts, deposited directly by government. For other scholarship students, government is working on ways to deliver their money through their sponsors.

In the meantime, Finau reported the Tongan students are all in good health and coping well.

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