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Mu’a Health Centre renovated for COVID-19 response

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 8/04/2020

Renovations are currently underway at the Mu’a health center to cater for confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Tonga.

Dr. ‘Ana ‘Akauola from the Ministry of Health says, the hospital can be used along with the other health centers for suspected cases but the health center in Mu’a will be the only place used for those with serious conditions of the coronavirus.

Dr ‘Akauola says, there are currently 14 beds at the center, and they are awaiting 36 out of 100 beds offered from the Akanesi Mataitonga Trust that will be arriving in Tonga soon.

There are also two special rooms at Mu’a health center known as the “Negative Pressure Rooms” with 4 beds in one of the NPR and two beds in the other NPR. The Negative Pressure Room is an isolation technique used in hospitals and medical centers to prevent cross-contamination among patients and staff, also sterile equipment from room to room.

Dr. ‘Akauola adds, staff of the Ministry who have been assigned to work as front liners in the fight against coronavirus are fully prepared to work extra hard during this time. These staff have met the criteria set by the Ministry to work as front liners including those under the age of 50, not pregnant and do not have any allergies whatsoever.

Tonga has not recorded any suspected cases at the moment and all 400 passengers who were under quarantine for 14 days have all been cleared of any COVID-19 symptoms.

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