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Vava’u Governor leads visit to areas affected by climate change

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 23/04/2020

The governor of Vava’u – Lord Fakatulolo led a visit by the committee of government ministry leaders in Vava’u to the areas affected by climate change.

The town officer of Neiafu, Vava Lapota says this was work the committee of officers in charge of government ministries in Vava’u often carried out and they visited a number of coastal areas where negative impacts of climate change was evident in the damage caused to the environment in these areas including damage to the roads, coastal erosion, and others.

Lapota says at the end of the meeting the governor directed the committee to arrange for projects to address the issues that they had witnessed at these areas to ensure the people are protected as negative impacts of climate change increase.

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