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Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/04/2020

Kalausa Tu’alau of Pea this morning was sentenced by Justice Laki Niu to one-month imprisonment and fined 1thousand pa’anga to be paid within 2 months for possession of more than 2 hundred live ammunition without a license.

Tu’alau had a license to use a gun but only had a license for 50 ammunition and not for over 200 as he was in possession of.

In October last year Tu’alau was arrested at his bush allotment with his licensed gun and with 297 bullets which were placed in separate bags in his vehicle.

Justice Niu fined Tu’alau TOP$1,000 to be paid within 2 months otherwise Tu’alau will face imprisonment for 3 months for possession of more than 200 bullets, 150 more bullets than he was licensed to carry.

Meanwhile, a month before Tu’alau was found with the bullets, he had been sentenced to 6 months’ imprisonment after being convicted of illegal possession of drugs which was fully suspended, but as he has broken the conditions of his suspended sentence, that is the one-month imprisonment he has been sentenced too which is in addition to the 1 thousand pa’anga fine.

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