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From Supreme Court

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/05/2020

‘Isileli Tautakitaki of Pelehake appeared at the Supreme Court this morning charged with two counts of importation of illegal goods.

Tautakitaki was found on August 7th last year in Ma’ufanga with more than 400 illegally imported .12 caliber bullets and 1500 .22 caliber bullets.

Tautakitaki had originally been charged with illegal possession of an arm but this count was dropped after he produced his valid license.

In his ruling Judge Cato said only 900 of the .22 caliber bullets were illegal as Tautakitaki had a valid license for .22 caliber bullets but for no more than 600 only.

Tautakitaki had initially opted to be judged by a jury but by the afternoon he had pleaded guilty to the charges and the jury was then dismissed. Judge Cato fined Tautakitaki to pay 300 pa’anga for these two counts.

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